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    A Freelance Proud Pride

    This year marked the first time that the Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) had an official contingent in the Halifax Pride Parade and members represented their union with fierce pride. The CFU has so many talented members and we were lucky to have member Jonathan Rotsztain of ALLCAPS Design (http://www.allcapsdesign.com/) create some stunning pink triangle graphics for Halifax Pride. 


    Picture credit: Foundry Photography, CFU members

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    Changes needed for Ontario's freelancers and independent contractors

    The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) is encouraged to see many options that would improve working conditions for freelance workers and independent contractors included in the interim report of the Changing Workplaces Review.

    "The report widely acknowledges that today's Employment Standards Acts and Labour Relations Act leave many workers behind, including freelancers and independent contractors,” said Canadian Freelance Union Vice-President, Ethan Clarke. "We hope that the Government of Ontario will seize the opportunity to make real improvements for a growing portion of workers who rely on contract work as their livelihood."

    The Canadian Freelance Union is a community chapter of Unifor, representing freelance workers in the media sector nationwide. As part of the consultation process, Unifor made a comprehensive submission outlining measures that would address specific work-related problems faced by freelancers and independent contractors, including:

    • sector-wide minimum standards
    • changes to the misclassification of employees as independent contractors
    • the ability for freelance workers and independent contractors to organize and have a collective voice.

    Proposals made by Unifor to allow freelancers and independent contractors to organize and negotiate minimum standards with contractors and employers have been included in the interim report as options.

    “As freelancers and independent contractors our members routinely encounter many of the issues that the Ontario Changing Workplaces Review was created to address, including precarious work, outdated employment standards, lack of access to benefits and barriers to joining a union and achieving collective bargaining rights,” said Clarke.

    As a national organization, we are pressing for these changes in jurisdictions across the country. Time and again studies from around the world have shown that the entire province benefits greatly by making sure its most precarious workers are not left behind. 

    "The Canadian Freelance Union will continue to work to represent members in the process to modernize Ontario's labour law, and to make sure that precarious workers aren't left behind.”

    In advance of their final report, the Special Advisers to the Ontario government have called for further consultations. CFU looks forward to further participation to ensure that the voices of freelances and independent contractors are heard and included.


    The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) is a community chapter of Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union. Membership in the CFU is open to freelance workers in the media sector. We represent some of the best freelance communicators in the country as well as those just getting started in their careers.

    For more information please visit www.canadianfreelanceunion.ca.

    For more information contact:

    Nora Loreto, Canadian Freelance Union at 581-983- 4397

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    The Canadian Freelance Union of Unifor is a different kind of union.

    Membership is open to everyone who identifies as a freelance worker in the media or information sector. We represent some of the best freelance communicators in the country as well as those just getting started in their careers. Join us

    As a community chapter of Unifor, we benefit from the experience, skills, and power of Unifor (Canada’s largest private-sector union with 310,000 members). We also have the independence and flexibility to be highly responsive to issues as they arise and to use fresh approaches to connect and engage members across the country. Help us take action.

    In addition to their paid work, many of our members participate in union activities to improve the conditions of—as well as raise awareness and respect for—the work that freelancers do. Get involved

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    6 reasons freelancers should refuse work from the Chronicle Herald during the strike

    The union representing journalists and photographers at the Chronicle Herald (the Halifax Typographical Union) and Herald management have reached an impasse in labour negotiations. Herald management recently filed a notice that gives them the option to lock out its unionized newsroom staff and it has recently come to light that the Herald is soliciting freelancers and journalism students to act as replacement labour. The HTU has asked freelancers not to accept work from the Herald during a lockout. 


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    Dave Gerber

    Call for Submissions for the 2017 Dave Greber Freelance Writers Book and Magazine Awards for Social Justice Writing

    The Dave Greber Freelance Writers Book and Magazine Awards for Social Justice Writing are seeking submissions commencing Monday, March 13, 2017. The closing date is Friday, June 16, 2017 at 5 PM PST.

    Canadian freelance writers in the process of completing a book or magazine article for publication are eligible and the awards give special regard to those writing in the area of social justice.

    Information about the awards can be found on the website www.greberwritingaward.com

    Detailed eligibility requirements can be found at http://www.greberwritingaward.com/submissions.htm.


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    CUPW - Child Care Fund

    The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has partnered with the Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) to find ways to improve support for member-families with child care responsibilities and for Canadian families more generally.

    With this in mind, the CRRU is conducting an online survey of parents and parents-to-be across the country who are (or whose partner is) expecting a baby or who are on paid/unpaid maternity/parental leave. The survey will help assess how parents learn about child care options - where do they get their information, what they look for and what barriers they encounter. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and is entirely anonymous.

    We share this link in solidarity, and hope you will as well.


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