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Freelancing is lonely work, and often you can be vulnerable to unfair behaviour by clients or employers. For me, being able to say I am part of the CFU makes a statement about the quality standards I hold myself to, and the expectations of adult, equitable behaviour I hold my clients to.

  • Freelancers: the Canadian Freelance Union has a survey about contracts. Give it a go!

    Contract Survey

    The CFU is considering building a template contract that freelancers could use to structure the contracts they sign with clients. Please fill out this survey so we can learn more about how contracts are used.

    If you are a member, please log into the account associated with your membership via the panel on the right before starting the survey.

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  • It would be possible to create print-on-demand products through a service such as Cafe Press ( without having to deploy a lot of money up-front. I would love to have a branded jacket, or even a t-shirt that would let me be a walking billboard for CFU when appropriate.

    Would there be any issue with my using the CFU logo to demonstrate what Cafe Press products would look like, and what their cost would be?

  • Sign the petition: Petition

    Petition in Favour of Greater Rights and Protections for Freelancers and Precarious Workers

    GOAL: 97 signatures

    Freelance workers, as independent contractors and as a group of workers in precarious conditions, face great challenges when it comes to legal protection, recognition, compensation and rights over their work.

    The Ontario government is currently undergoing a review of Employment Standards and Ontario Labour Relations Act through the Changing Workplaces Commission.

    The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) believes that federal legislation such as the Status of the Artist can be used as a blueprint to provide freelance workers with a way to democratically select a bargaining agent in order to bargain collectively for improved standards.

    Unifor, the CFU's umbrella union, has compiled a list of 43 recommendations as part of its submission to the Ontario Changing Workplaces Commission, available here.

    We, the undersigned, petition the Ontario government to implement all recommendations made by Unifor to improve minimum standards for independent contractors and freelance workers, in particular those to:

    Proposal 5(i): The rules found in Part III of the Canada Labour Code regarding just cause should be implemented in Ontario’s labour law, supplemented by recommendations from the Harry Arthurs review for improving the adjudication system, and implemented under the general authority of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

    Proposal 5(ii): The OLRA should be amended to include a new guarantee to protect and shield all employees and all persons who perform work or services for compensation when they engage in collective activities for the purpose of “mutual aid or protection.”

    Proposal  6(i): The Employment  Standards  Act be  amended  to amend  the application of the authority currently residing with the Lieutenant Governor in Council under Part XXVII, (1) 6 of the ESA. This amendment would provide the  same  authority  to  the  Ontario Labour  Relations  Board  to  define  an industry  and  prescribe for that  industry  one or more terms  or  conditions  of employment, that would apply to employers and employees in the industry.

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  • Being an organized freelancer is like having the best of two worlds. I know CFU has my back when I need support, information, or community feedback; and, since I work remotely, I can go to work in my pyjamas.

  • I just renewed my membership in the Canadian Freelance Union. Freelancer chums, join me! Solidarity and donuts!

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