People on this list have self-identified as being bilingual.

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Brian Bickford, Interpreter / translator (English, French, Spanish) (Milton, ON)

Bilingual Translator
Alessandra Cardone (Etobicoke, ON)

listen. think. design.
Bilingual Graphic Designer
Scott Eavenson (Gatineau, QC)

Bilingual Translator
Emma Kadri (Ottawa, ON)

Interpreter and Translator (French, English, Spanish)
Bilingual Translator
Nora Loreto, CFU Quebec Director (Québec, QC)
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets; Prosecco Socialist in the sheets. Photo cred. Samson Photography.
Editor Labour Movement Bilingual Writer Journalist
Gabriel Manseau (Toronto, ON)

Bilingual Translator
Veronica Munoz (Mono, ON)
Furnished with a Degree in Spanish / English Scientific, Technical and Literary Translation and Registered in Canada's Federal Translation Bureau, I have been working for over 25 years providing excellent service as a freelance conference interpreter, tra
Bilingual Writer Translator
Hernán Navarrete (Williamsburg, VA)

20+ years of experience photographing historic architecture, painting, and sculpture in Latin America and the USA, in addition to extensive experience in photographic portraiture of all types.
Printer Bilingual Photographer
David Parker (Victoria, BC)
Web developer, system administrator and artist. Experience designing front-ends, making mobile-friendly sites and applications.
Labour Movement Bilingual IT Worker Web design Web developer
Christian Picard (Levis, QC)
Analyst/journalist for I'm bilingual French/English.
Editor Bilingual Journalist
Lois Ross (Ottawa, ON)
Writer, editor, and communications specialist with more than 25 years of experience. Bilingual (fluent in both English and French), with professional fluency in Spanish as well. Background in labour, agriculture, international development, health, the env
Public Relations Editor Labour Movement Bilingual Writer Social Media Photographer
Savanna Scott Leslie (Hamilton, ON)
An editor and publishing consultant offering copy editing, substantive editing, indexing, and other services.
Editor Bilingual
Andrew Wetmore (Clementsport, NS)
Playwright, software developer, editor
Editor Bilingual Writer Journalist Video Production Broadcaster Social Media