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Evan Adnams (Edmonton, AB)

I’m from the future.
Editor Web design Video Production
Paula Baynes (Markham, ON)
Editor/Copywriter, Digital Content Marketing Strategist & Online Publisher
Social Media Editor Writer Public Relations
Alex Binkley (Ottawa, ON)

Editor Writer Journalist
Jack Butler (Saint John, NB)

photographer, chef and outdoor adventure guy
Editor Video Production Writer Journalist Photographer Broadcaster Public Relations
Billie Carroll (Roberts Creek, BC)
I work with non-profits and unions in developing web and branding strategies - concept to conception. Platforms: Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress.
Editor Web design Web developer Graphic Designer
Jacqueline Chartier (Calgary, AB)
Independent writing and editing professional with over 20 years' experience
Social Media Editor Writer Journalist Photographer
Gerald Christenson (Vancouver, BC)

Editor Video Production Broadcaster
Michael Connolly (Saint-Lambert, QC)
I'm a video producer/director, now based in Montreal, but also working in Toronto. I have produced my own documentaries in partnership with broadcasters. Today, I primarily produce work for unions, school boards and other non-profit groups. I am a prof
Editor Video Production Writer Photographer
Jackie DaSilva (Toronto, ON)
active freelancer for projects that use NationBuilder to build ditigal campaigns;
Social Media Editor Writer Public Relations
Leslie Dyson, CFU President (Aldergrove, BC)
Vancouver-area based writer, editor, graphic designer, and communications project manager with Face 2 Face Communications
Editor Web developer Graphic Designer Writer Journalist Photographer Public Relations Labour Movement
Rebecca Faria (Halifax, NS)
Practising poet. Sister, cousin, auntie. Cultural hyphenate. Walking thesaurus. Feminist, secular, humanist. Former Yukoner. Dating the Internet. @HollabackHRM
Social Media Editor Writer Public Relations
Claudia Ferris (Vancouver, BC)
As President of Production Magic PR, Claudia Ferris brings stakeholder groups together for positive dialogue, focusing on best practices and examples. Finding their special or unique aspect, she shows clients in their best light.
Social Media Editor Video Production Writer Journalist Photographer Public Relations Labour Movement
Julius Fisher (Vancouver, BC)
Videographer, video & tv producer, Grad student ( Communications @ SFU), tangero, foodie, travel junkie, troublemaker . . . work in progress
Social Media Editor Video Production Broadcaster Public Relations Labour Movement
Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez (Kitchener, ON)
Passionate about politics, climate change, travel and soccer. Writes for @VerbWeb.
Editor Writer Journalist Photographer Translator Public Relations
Penny Goldsmith (Vancouver, BC)
Plain language writer/editor; anti-poverty community activist (former co-ordinator of PovNet)
Editor Writer
Brad Higham (Toronto, ON)

Editor Video Production
Joshua Keep (St. John's, NL)
Amazon All-Star winner, bestselling author of romance, erotica & fantasy! Husband of the much cooler @jmkeep! Member of @CdnFreelanceU
Editor Writer Journalist
Michelle Keep (St. John's, NL)
Bestselling Romance Author w @jekeep. Atlantic Director of @cdnfreelanceu. Part-time photog. I tweet abt writing, poverty, #sexworkiswork, #nlpoli, & my bunny.
Social Media Editor Graphic Designer Writer Photographer Labour Movement
Barbara Kermode-Scott (Comox, BC)

Author, Medical Journalist, Editor
Editor Writer Journalist
Prabha Khosla (Toronto, ON)

Prabha Khosla, is a researcher and writer and develops capacity building materials on equalities and urban issues.
Editor Writer
Jane Kirby (Montreal, QC)

Writer, editor, researcher and journalist currently based in Montreal. Also a circus artist.
Editor Writer Journalist Labour Movement
Paula Kirman (Edmonton, AB)
Writer, editor, photographer, videographer, website content specialist, and social media consultant.
Social Media Editor Web design Video Production Writer Journalist Photographer Labour Movement
Jenn Kuo (Toronto, ON)
Creative designer for print, web, digital media. More than 15 years of experience designing for labour unions, progressive organizations & small businesses.
Editor Web design Graphic Designer Labour Movement
Chris Lawson (Ottawa, ON)
I produce and maintain websites for unions, non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals. I have more than 25 years experience writing, editing and designing for public consumption, including 20 years producing websites.
IT Worker Social Media Editor Bilingual Web design Web developer Graphic Designer Photographer Public Relations Labour Movement
Nora Loreto, CFU Quebec Director (Québec, QC)
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Socialist; slayer of brocialists. Not verified so possibly fake Nora. a/fr [photo cred Samson Photography]
Editor Bilingual Writer Journalist Labour Movement
Cheryl Masters (Prospect Bay, NS)

Social Media Editor Web design Photographer
Matthew McCarthy (Toronto, ON)

Certified Translator, New Democrat, Poli-Sci graduate
Editor Bilingual Translator