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  • Q: 11) Are you interested in spending approximately 6 hours over the next three months helping the CFU draft a template contract?
    A: No

    Contract Survey

    The CFU is considering building a template contract that freelancers could use to structure the contracts they sign with clients. Please fill out this survey so we can learn more about how contracts are used.

    If you are a member, please log into the account associated with your membership via the panel on the right before starting the survey.

    Take the survey

  • Join the CFU

    When you are a member of the CFU you become part of an organization of freelancers which together can:

    To be a member of the union, you need to submit yearly membership dues of $125. You can do that in a number of ways:

    • Use the form to the left to pay a full year's dues with your credit card. (We are unable to offer a payment plan at this time.)
    • Send an Interac Money Transfer by email. Put your name and email in the message to: interac [@]
    • Send a cheque to this address along with your name and email:

    Unifor Canadian Freelance Union
    27331 43rd Ave.
    Aldergrove BC, V4W 1R9



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