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    When you are a member of the CFU you are part of an organization of freelancers which together can:

    To be a member of the union, you need to submit yearly membership dues of $125. You can do that in a number of ways:

    • Use the form to the left to pay a full year's dues with your credit card. 
    • Send an Interac Money Transfer by email. Put your name and email in the message to: interac [@] canadianfreelanceunion.ca
    • Send a cheque to this address along with your name and email:

    Unifor Canadian Freelance Union
    27331 43rd Ave.
    Aldergrove BC, V4W 1R9

    Want to build the union?
    Know someone who should be a member of the CFU, but isn't? Use this page to recruit them so you can help build the power of YOUR union!


  • Q: How many people do you know who are freelancers and who are not currently members of the Canadian Freelance Union?
    A: not many maybe 2 or 3