CFU asks members not to cross HTU picket line


News release
Jan. 12, 2016


The Canadian Freelance Union supports the media workers of the Halifax Typographical Union who are locked in a labour dispute.

The CFU is asking all freelancers and its own members not to accept assignments from the Chronicle Herald in Halifax or submit any content to the newspaper until the workers are back at work with a contract that both sides support.

The newspaper is demanding major concessions: a 17 per cent wage cut, a reduction in staffing in the newsroom by 30 per cent, and removal of gender parity in the hiring process.

"We're working to improve benefits and standards for freelance communication workers who are in precarious positions across the country," said CFU President Leslie Dyson. "Many are not in a position to negotiate living wages for themselves because they do not have the backing of a union and a collective agreement."

Dyson said that "While the newspaper hopes to hire more freelancers, this will not benefit our members, even those with the skills to fill those positions. Crossing the HTU's picket line makes the problems worse for everyone. Conditions will only get better for communication workers—union and non-union—if we remain united and support each other."

Respecting the professionalism of media workers results in "better quality and better supported newspapers," she added. "I agree with Alex Bryant, president of the King's Student Union, who said 'strong unions make strong newsrooms.'"

The CFU joins many others who are urging Sarah Dennis and the management of the Chronicle Herald to do their part to end this dispute.




Leslie Dyson, CFU President


Trevor Beckerson, CFU Atlantic Director


Nora Loreto, les médias francophones
CFU Québec Director

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