The CFU is requesting proposals for some custom website development

Are you a freelance front end website developer? The CFU is looking for proposals for some work. 

We have a template contract document that we want to offer our members. Instead of just having them download a file, we would like to have a function on our website to build a custom copy of the contract for them.

This function would insert details that we already know about our members from our database such as their name, and email. It would also need to interview users to determine their choices for different clauses in the contract. Some examples for what they might select from would be billing by the hour or by flat rate, or selecting from different options for intellectual property protections.

Once the user has customized the contract in the way that they want, the system should generate a PDF file which the user can download and use. If it could also generate a Google Docs file, that would be a bonus.

This work will be done on a NationBuilder site. This means that you can use HTML, CSS, and JaveScript/Jquery. There is no server available to do this work except for pulling limited amounts of data from the database using the Liquid programming language.

We are looking to have this work done quickly and professionally. Please forward your proposal with details regarding your skills, the timeline you can meet and your costs.

The successful candidate will need to be a member of the Canadian Freelance Union (Unifor) or another Canadian union.

Questions can be directed to Ethan Clarke, [email protected]

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