Coordinator Job Description

The general duties shall be, per the hours allotted:

  1. Assisting with Financial Administration
    1. Work with the president and treasurer to oversee the smooth operation of the CFU finances
    2. Submit receipts and undertake other financial tasks as required
  2. Executive support
    1. Coordinate the week-to-week operations of the Canadian Freelance Union, and support the CFU executive board.
    2. Attend online board meetings to provide reports and post approved minutes on the CFU website.
    3. Assist with CFU events such as the online general meetings, workshops, and meetups.
  3. Membership support and advocacy
    1. Follow up with members’ inquiries, track membership requests and suggestions, and liaise with appropriate CFU representative(s)
    2. Support Unifor organizing efforts and work with appropriate Unifor staff as directed by the CFU executive
    3. Assist with research and drafting statements on issues of interest and concern to freelance workers in the media sector
    4. Make phone calls to members telling them about their membership status, upcoming events, etc.
    5. Assist with CFU committees, CFU campaigns, and membership development initiatives.
  4. Organizing support and campaigns
    1. To help build the membership base of the CFU
    2. To work towards targets for recruitment, in conjunction with the national organizing department, and to regularly report on progress.
    3. To visit spaces where freelancers work (cafes, shared office spaces, digital forums etc.) whenever possible to organize unorganized freelancers who work in these spaces.
    4. To identify existing groups, formal or informal associations of freelancers to arrange meetings and presentations, especially in virtual spaces
    5. To set-up and have conversations with individual freelancers
    6. To work with the CFU executive and the other organizers to phone members who have lapsed membership and encourage renewals.


Other tasks as requested from time to time