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Daniela Apostoaei
Calgary, AB
Broadcaster Journalist Translator Video Production Writer
Member since November 06, 2015
Brian Bickford
Milton, ON
Translator Bilingual
Member since November 01, 2014
Paulina Corpuz
Scarborough, ON
IT Worker Labour Movement Translator
Owner, ABusinessAssistant (Virtual Administrative Professional) Community Organizer/ Advocate. Translator. Project Coordinator. Life Skills Trainer
Member since February 08, 2016
Scott Eavenson
Gatineau (QC), QC
Bilingual Translator
Member since January 11, 2016
Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Kitchener, ON
Editor Journalist Photographer Public Relations Translator Writer
Passionate about politics, climate change, travel and soccer. Writes for @VerbWeb.
Member since August 19, 2015
Anastasia Holleman
Edmonton, AB
Editor Journalist Photographer Translator Writer Bilingual
I am a reporter, editor, and researcher from Edmonton, Alta.
Member since September 11, 2020
Gabriel Manseau
Toronto, ON
Translator Bilingual
Member since November 16, 2014
Christiane Martel
Pointe-Claire, QC
Translator Writer Bilingual
Interpreter and translator (French <> English) with over 25 years of experience.
Member since April 12, 2018
Matthew McCarthy
Toronto, ON
Editor Translator Bilingual
Certified Translator, New Democrat, Poli-Sci graduate
Member since April 12, 2016
Line Merrette
Lachine, QC
Translator Bilingual
Contact via: [email protected]
Member since April 22, 2015
Philip Moscovitch
Glen Margaret, NS
Broadcaster Editor Journalist Photographer Translator Writer Bilingual
Writer, editor, broadcaster and facilitator with an affinity for labour and non-profits. I've worked on...
Member since February 24, 2016
Veronica Munoz
Mono, ON
Translator Writer Bilingual
Furnished with a Degree in Spanish / English Scientific, Technical and Literary Translation and Registered...
Member since January 26, 2018
Derrick O'Keefe
Vancouver, BC
Broadcaster Editor Journalist Labour Movement Translator Writer Bilingual
Writer, editor, journalist, organizer. Dad. #canlab #cdnpoli #yvr A founding editor @ricochet_en
Member since October 01, 2013