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Rob Butz
Saskatoon, SK
Graphic Designer IT Worker Labour Movement Web design Web developer
I work solo and with other freelancers under the Oxygen Smith banner to strategically grow...
Member since February 06, 2016
Billie Carroll
Roberts Creek, BC
Editor Graphic Designer Web design Web developer
I work with non-profits and unions in developing web and branding strategies - concept to...
Member since September 01, 2014
Leslie Dyson
Aldergrove, BC
Writer Editor Labour Movement Public Relations Journalist Web developer Graphic Designer Photographer
Vancouver-area based writer, editor, graphic designer, and communications project manager with Face 2 Face Communications...
Member since March 15, 2010
Krisztina Kun
Vancouver, BC
Graphic Designer Web design Web developer
WordPress web developer for non-profits and progressives with a focus on strategy and accessibility
Member since November 20, 2015
Francis Kung
Toronto, ON
Web developer
Web Developer and Online Engagement Specialist
Member since August 18, 2016
Adam Lundrigan
St. John's, NL
IT Worker Web developer
Freelance Software Developer
Member since December 23, 2014
Zola McAdie
Toronto, ON
Web developer
Software developer with a background in civic tech, education, and NGO fundraising.
Member since September 29, 2021
Chad Mohr
Toronto, ON
Labour Movement Graphic Designer Web design Web developer
I am a designer and WordPress developer. In a previous life I worked in the...
Member since October 01, 2013
Kara Sievewright
Queen Charlotte, BC
Labour Movement Graphic Designer Illustrator Web design Web developer Writer
Comic creator, illustrator, designer of graphics and websites, graphic recorder
Member since June 25, 2015

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