The CFU is a democratic organization led by an executive of elected members. Anyone who has been a member for more than 6 months is welcome to run for positions as they become available. The executive are all volunteers. They are not paid.

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Mohammad Akbar
Windsor, ON
CFU Ontario Regional Director. Communications, Photography, Graphic Design, and activism. Based in Southern Ontario.
Member since March 12, 2017
Joshua Keep
St. John's, NL
Editor Writer Journalist https://twitter.com/JEKeep
Atlantic Regional Director of @CdnFreelanceU. USA Today/Wall Street Journal bestselling author! Multiple Amazon All-Star winner....
Member since November 20, 2015
Setaj Ladd
Toronto, ON

Member since September 10, 2018
Nora Loreto
Québec, QC
Editor Journalist Labour Movement Writer Bilingual https://twitter.com/NoLore
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets; Prosecco Socialist in...
Member since June 01, 2013
Robert Murdoch
Oshawa, ON
Owner of Unity Communications - an award-winning full-service communications agency for Unions and their allies....
Member since January 03, 2020

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