Grievance Support


A service to assist our members in managing disputes with clients

A growing number of freelancers face work-related issues, usually around non, or slow payment of fees or abuse of copyright. Together, members can hold clients accountable and defend their rights.

Although every case is unique, the general approach we will use goes like this:

  1. A member submits a [request for solidarity].
  2. The Grievance Support committee reviews the request and confirms the issue is something the CFU can organize solidarity in support of.
  3. At this point, the member will be offered some options for how to proceed and they can choose.
  4. Some options include:
    1. The committee writes a  letter to the client asking for justice to resolve the issue or a meeting to discuss the issue along with the affected member..
    2. The committee explains how the member can take the client to small claims court.
    3. The committee organizes solidarity actions among the membership to pressure the client publicly.

We need some information to help us better understand the issues. Please fill out the following questionnaire


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