When you are a member of the CFU you become part of an organization of freelancers which together can:

To be a member of the union, you need to submit yearly membership dues of $125. You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Use the form to the left to pay a full year's dues with your credit card (We are unable to accept payment plans at this time)
  • Send an Interac Money Transfer by email. Put your name and email in the message to: interac [@]
  • Send a cheque to this address along with your name and email:

To: Nora Loreto - 196 René-Lévesque O. Québec QC G1R2A5

Already a member?
Know someone who should be a member of the CFU, but isn't? Use this page to recruit them so you can help build the power of YOUR union!

Who's donating

You may be able to deduct these costs as a business expense on your taxes. They are not seen as union dues by the CRA since we do not have a collective agreement and thus are not deductible under the union dues provision.


Your credit card will be billed automatically every month

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