Report on Press Access to the Alberta Legislature.

Alberta Legislature Building

Earlier this year, the Government of Alberta commissioned Heather Boyd to review the policy and procedures around granting press access to the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery. 

The Canadian Freelance Union gave testimony to Heather Boyd to protect the interests of CFU members who report on issues in the legislature and also to protect the public's right to know what the government does in their name. 

In summary, Heather Boyd recommended minimal changes to the existing access procedures in place at the Alberta Legislature, coming out against the development of a specific policy on access and instead recommending that any regulation of access should be handled by the press.

Heather Boyd also recommended that the Alberta Government looks at improving press access to the Federal Building where caucus and committee meetings regularly take place. 

It remains to be see what the government chooses to do with the recommendations in the report, but we will be in regular contact with the Premier's Office and other stakeholders to ensure that the interests of freelancers are at the forefront of their deliberations. 

The entire report can be read here


In solidarity

Jamie Parkinson, Prairies Regional Director. 

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