Rate Sheet

In 2018 the Canadian Freelance Union Executive embarked on an ambitious project to develop standard rates that could be provided to members to help protect members from exploitation and undercharging for their services.

After working through a comprehensive survey of members on pricing and labour, we found the data does not provide a generally standard rate. Instead our members charge a wide rate for various services based on their area and based on what they believe each client can afford. There is no clear distinction.

That being said, we have provided the data below in as much of a digestible manner for which you can use:

Freelancers are almost evenly split between a rate of pay per a block of time vs. a rate of pay per block of work.

In terms of percentage of time spent on work vs. on administrative or marketing tasks, the majority of freelancers spend between 70-80% of their time on freelance work.

In terms of pricing structure, most freelancers base their rate on the publication or group they work with. Some charge per piece, others charge per word. A common rate per hour in a general sense is $150-300.

In terms of recommendations for other freelancers: The ranges vary significantly. There is no standard, but it seems our members charge anywhere between $35 - $250 per hour depending on the task. Many are flexible in their rates depending on project, client, and type of work if they offer multiple types of freelance work.

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