Solidarity with Unifor 594

A pension is the foundation of retirement. It’s what Canadians for generations have worked towards, yet in the last decade, pensions across the country have been eroded. Despite valiant fights by unions time and time again, employers have worked to cut back on pension plans. Conservative governments have told workers that they have to expect to work longer and receive less when they retire.

It is completely unacceptable that we are telling employees that, after working in a good, decent job for decades that their retirement should not be a stable one. That they don’t deserve comfort and care in their old age. Especially as Canadians are living longer and those that are retiring now may be required to care for their elderly parents or their grandchildren.

Workers are being squeezed from both sides. Young people are being saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get a job only to be offered subpar wages and few benefits.

This is not the society that Canadians want to be a part of, and it’s certainly not a society that our parents and grandparents fought and died for.

The Canadian Freelance Union stands in solidarity with our comrades in Unifor Local 594 as they fight for their retirement and the retirement of those that come after them. We strongly denounce the arrests of union activists who are picketing at the lockout at the Co-op Refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan, and call on all labour activists across Canada to speak out in support of the employees.

If you do not want to see seniors at the food banks, speak out. If you don’t think that our elderly should be kicked to the streets, speak out. If you believe that health care in old age is vital, speak out. A victory for one is a victory for us all, and a loss for one is a loss for us all. Employers across the country are watching these union breaking tactics to see what they can get away with.

The Canadian Freelance Union calls on Co-op Refinery to get back to the bargaining table, and for our members to speak out in solidarity. If you are able, please join the picket line and help our brothers and sisters and comrades stay strong.

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