What does the CFU advocate for?


Our members and board have numerous causes dear to them about inequality and workers rights, however we’ve listed some of our interests and desires below.

Taxation inequities

    • Provide income averaging for freelance workers, such as those who work on a short-term contractual basis and self-employed individuals
    • Clarify and simplify the process of filing income taxes for those who work on a short-term contractual basis and self-employed individuals

Government policy changes

    • Bring back quality jobs to support young families and allow people to save for retirement
    • Introduce a national childcare policy to support young families
    • Update provincial employment standards acts to recognize workers doing precarious work
    • Remove barriers to union organizing and achieving collective bargaining rights
    • Set sector-wide minimum standards
    • Prevent the misclassification of employees as independent contractors

Employment insurance

    • Provide broader access to employment insurance benefits for workers
    • Reduce the waiting period that must be served before benefits may be paid
    • Reduce the hours of employment required to qualify for benefits
    • Raising the level of benefits
    • Extending the maximum benefit period
    • Improve the benefits for workers in cyclical or intermittent employment sectors

Pension security

    • Increase benefits paid out by the Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan
    • Restore the age of eligibility for Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits to 65 years of age;
    • Increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement
    • Improve the availability of affordable retirement savings vehicles that provide minimum guaranteed benefits; and
    • Protect workplace pensions more effectively under federal bankruptcy legislation.


    • Supporting a universal pharmacare plan
    • Address the lack of benefits, including health, vision, dental and drug insurance, for workers who do not have access to such benefits

Human Rights

    • A need for a basic living wage across all of Canada, taking into account provincial and territorial variances in cost of living such as food and electricity
    • Protections for those working with disabilities, or children with disabilities, including fair wages, appropriate benefits, and adequate support systems
    • An intersectional understanding of inequality, and the systemic barriers towards equality for minority populations

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