What planned CPP enhancements mean to you


Your CPP contributions are an investment in your future, and planned enhancements to the program will help you prepare for retirement. Consider:

  • The CPP provides a secure and predictable lifelong benefit that is indexed to inflation.
  • Your retirement benefit will not be affected by stock market shocks or tied to the fortunes of any employer.
  • The CPP is a good fit for freelancers because it is not tied to any employer, as workplace pensions are.
  • As a large program with millions of contributors, the CPP is an efficient way to save. The CPP Investment Board is able to take advantage of economies of scale to deliver strong net returns. This helps ensure a secure retirement for you.
  • With regular contributions, the CPP is a simple way for you to save for retirement.
  • Planned enhancements to the CPP will improve retirement benefits for all workers, particularly younger workers.
  • Because the enhancements are being brought in over time, those just entering the workforce will benefit the most from the CPP enhancements.

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