World Day of Social Justice

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 20 as World Day of Social Justice to promote the efforts of the international community to eliminate poverty, achieve full employment and decent work, gender equality and access to social well being and justice.

On February 20, the World Day of Social Justice is observed around the globe.  This year's theme is “Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice”. 

The International Labour Organization (ILO) maintains that decent work is key to achieving sustainable development and social justice.

Freelancers often feel the stress of capitalism in a unique manner. Freelance work is often preferred by people with disabilities, parents who need a flexible schedule, or people who experience discrimination in traditional workplaces. People in poverty often turn to freelance work as a way to make more money to supplement their underpaid jobs, or their obscenely low disability payments. The broad array of skills required in most freelancing environments are often undervalued, and without bargaining power or a co-working atmosphere, freelancers are prone to be taken advantage of. The Canadian Freelance Union is proud of our history in gathering rate information from our members to allow new freelancers a frame of reference of how to set their fees, as well as our many successful attempts at recouping monies owed to our members.

The CFU has a long history of promoting social justice and economic equality for our members.  We will continue to be an advocate for the rights and standards that underpin decent work for Freelancers and support marginalized communities by helping to raise the standards for all workers.


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